National Ride2School Day

Hi HWPS! We are jumping on our bikes or scooters or using those things attached to our legs this Friday for National Ride2School day. It is a chance to help the environment by leaving those metal polution makers at home. Remember to sign in when you arrive at school, grab a sticker and put your name into the drawer for a special prize. See you Friday!

Clean up Australia day 2015

Last Friday afternoon the Grade 1/2 students were involved in the Clean Up Australia Day event. The Green Team captains presented a great speech on why it is important to keep the school clean. Hopefully all those families that attended the Movie Night noticed how clean the yard was. Well done Grade One and Two students!




Solway Primary School Excursion

On the 8th of September the Green Team went on an excursion to Solway Primary School, which is a 5 star rated sustainable school in Victoria. The GT were very impressed by Solway’s sustainable facilities and these included their kitchen garden, water tanks and worm farms. Solway’s kitchen garden was used by foundation students to make kale chips and vegie smoothies, the worm farm helped to make vegetables grow and water tanks were used to recycle toilet water.

During the excursion Solway organised some fun and educational activities for the GT to complete. There was a treasure hunt around the school where students completed a quiz about waste from what we had learnt from the treasure hunt. The GT also played games and completed tasks on the computer about energy. They enjoyed the day and learned a lot more about waste and energy.


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Walk To School Day

There have been numerous Walk to School Days held this year at HWPS. The message is getting through to more students to walk, ride or scooter to school or use public transport to reduce our carbon footprint. Students have enjoyed collecting their WTSD stickers when they arrive to school using these means and they have been placing their name in a raffle for their chance to win prizes.

Biodiversity Fundraiser



What a great day last Friday! There were so many students and teachers supporting our fundraiser. As you know we had a ‘casual clothes with a touch of bird’ fundraiser to raise money to buy bird boxes for our school. We will be placing them in the trees in the school yard to attract native birds back to the yard to improve the biodiversity of the school. This helps all living things. We raised $300! So a big thank you to all those who contributed. Look out for those bird boxes…coming soon!


We are completing our Biodiversity Module to become a credited Sustainable School. We have complete 3 out of the 5 modules so far; core, energy and waste.

Biodiversity is all about having an environment that lives harmoniously together. The Green Team wants to attract native birds back to our school to improve the biodiversity of HWPS.

We are hosting a fundraiser to raise money to buy bird boxes to attack native birds back to the area. We hope to build a habitat in our garden that will be a lovely place for birds and their food (bugs, worms etc) to live and thrive.

We appreciate your donations!

Write in the comment box below what you are going to wear.

Green Team Foundation Tour

Earlier in the year the Green Team took the Foundation students on a tour of the school to show them all the programs we have in place. They showed them the bins, what the labels mean and how to through away their rubbish responsibly. They chatted about the Sustainable Garden and what happens there including what the compost bins do. They also showed them the extra special table and chiars in the Sustainable Garden. Does anyone know why they are extra special? If you do let us know in the comment box below. It was great to see how much the students knew about sustainability and how important it is for our future. We definitely saw some future Green Team members in the groups!!


IMG_5401 IMG_5408 IMG_5405 IMG_5412 IMG_5412 IMG_5413

World Environment Day

In Term Two it was World Environment Day. A day to celebrate how important the environment is to all living things, and a day to remind us all to treat it with love and respect. The Green Team wanted to do something for all the teachers at HWPS who help the students keep our school environment clean and sustainably friendly. They collected beautiful vegetation from our own sustainable garden and made lovely bunches to give to each teacher. The teacher’s loved the smell and look of the vegetation in their classroom and it created some great discussions in each classroom about the environment.


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